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CPS and Acting out at Mommy’s House

So, again been a while since I posted. I kinda only post when I need to vent. Sorry if you are looking for something happy and cheery about having a step-child, I will say when I don’t post it is going pretty good.

To bring ya’ll up to speed. KR has been spending more time with us. On the weekends we have her, on Wednesday we pick her up at 4 pm and then drop her off on Sunday at 6 pm.  She has stopped having as many meltdowns. She has started to cling to her mom’s ex-boyfriend, whom still lives there cause of the kids. We think it is a little fishy with how attached she is to him.

So now part one of the DRAMA!

KR’s mom has been locking the kids in their bedroom, when they are in trouble. My husband went to pick up KR and saw her locked in her room in timeout, she was kicking the door and broke the frame. Her spoke to her mother and told her she shouldn’t have it that way and should turn it back.  KR only has meltdowns now when we pick her up, she is SCREAMING for her mom’s ex. (weird right?) Which is why she was in trouble. Also she is wanting to stay to play with the little girl next door.

KR’s mom had DCS (CPS) called on her, probably for locking the kids in their room (not for sure I didn’t call). Well she sent my husband a message two days ago, telling him KR would not be spending extra time with him (We will get more to this in part two of the drama). This text ended in a fight. Yesterday, she told him she wanted to sit down and talk. He brought his dad to be a witness.

She started off my saying the DCS told her I CALLED and told them she was beating her kids. My father-in-law told her DCS wouldn’t tell her that and to stop lying about it. My husband said that she could look through my phone and SEE FOR HERSELF that I didn’t call. Then she started saying that her best friend’s ex probably called. She is fishing for someone, instead of taking responsibility of doing something wrong. She says they spent 4 days cleaning a less than 900 sq ft trailer to prepare for DCS, since they were stupid and scheduled an appointment to visit. Oh well her youngest will sing like a canary to them.

Now to part two of the drama.

KR has been acting out badly (Cursing, Hitting, Back Talk, etc..) at her mom’s house. Now at our house she acts like a 5 year old (her birthday was last weekend). Three factors have changed since she started acting out; mommy’s boyfriend (now ex), KR’s new friend next door and KR spending more time with us.  Back to that text I was talking about earlier. She said that she thinks KR isn’t ready to stay with us that long at our house and that that is why she is acting out over there. IF that was the case wouldn’t she act out over here too? Since she was letting us have the extra time, we can’t really argue about her taking that time away. I really don’t think it will be long before she reinstates that. We have seen her hitting her mom’s ex and her mom laughing at it. I don’t know if she realizes that is encouraging that behavior.

Oh and her mom thinks we are idiots. She blocked us from her old facebook and made a new one expecting us to buy that she only has us as friends and we can still see there is an old profile, just can’t click on it. She has her party profile and her I am a great mom profile.

So this is my life right now!