Melt Downs

So it has been a while, since I posted. We have had an  okay time and not much to report until recently. We offered that if my step-daughter WANTED to spend the night on Wednesday she could, just depending on our work schedules. Well since this has been offered her mom has been using this every week. It is another day to party. I know she isn’t wanting to stay cause she is screaming she doesn’t want to leave. Which I suspect is because she constantly is being told by her mom that we can take her and that she doesn’t want her. I believe that she is scared she will never come home. 

So this past weekend when we picked her up, she was drink Mountain Dew and eating Hot Cheetos. Many times she has had an upset stomach from Hot Cheetos, but yet her mom gave them to her. At bedtime we had a huge melt down and she was wanting to come home. Her mom was out partying already, so this wasn’t possible. I found out that EVERY night at her mom’s house she does this, this is the first time she has ever done this at our house. This was also the first time she had Mountain Dew right before we picked her up. We do not allow caffeine for the kids at our house.

We than kept her the next day cause we had her this weekend anyways. So we thought it would be since less to take her home and then pick her up the next day. During this time she kept talking about her siblings, one I had never meet or heard of. So I asked her about them and she didn’t even know them, just they were her brother. Her mom’s cousin is a friend of mine, so I asked her, cause she should know and she didn’t. Her cousin then went on a rampage cause her mom had told us a lie about a miscarriage. Her cousin got the truth that is was a lie she filled the kids heads with.

The next 2 days went pretty uneventful, She did melt down again on Friday cause she didn’t get to play Polly Pocket before bed. So I set an alarm and had my husband put her to bed. Saturday was uneventful. Then Sunday she started to get mouthy and rude. I grew up that rudeness is not acceptable. Though she is getting told if she does the same thing is done again she will be put in timeout.

Well I will update on the soap opera of my life her in a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Melt Downs”

  1. Ms CTK
    Hi there. I found a link to your blog on Jill Deibel’s hub. Hope you aren’t having to deal with too much drama at the moment. It sounds like you are doing a brilliant job in really difficult circumstances, and are offering this little girl lots of stability, boundaries and consistency, which she is sure to thrive on as time goes on.

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