First weekend since starting the blog

I am a girl scout leader and right now is Cookie time. Though my step-daughter is too young (only by 3 months) to be in the troop, we still let her sell cookies. In March she will be a “full” Girl Scout. So, we gave her mom an order form and told her we would deliver, we can insure that the money will get to us. There were not many orders, but her mother can not be trusted with money.

Back to this weekend. We picked her on Friday and got the cookie order form. My step-daughter has been acting funny lately, like she is out-of-place. We can’t figure this out, Mommy has a new Boyfriend (again), and we think this may be the cause. We finally got her to warm up (again) to us. Our daughter was thrilled to see her and have her half-sister over. She got upset on Friday night at bedtime. Rules of our house is that you clean up before bed. She doesn’t like this rule. Another rule (that really is more of a scare tactic) is that if I pick her toys up they go in the trash. She always picks up when I start helping pick up.

On Saturday, I had a job interview. The weather was horrible so My Husband and the girls came with me. Originally we were going to take them to the indoor park, but My Husband changed his mind. He was getting hungry. My step-daughter didn’t care too much. Though around 4pm she had a birthday party for one of her Mom’s friends. We dropped her off and went to spend some time with my family while waiting. at 6 pm she was ready to be picked up. (So Mommy said) We got there and originally her Mom told use that her new Boyfriend was going to bring her out. Her Mom actually did. She was SCREAMING AND CRYING. Our daughter laughed and screamed with her. It was getting to be a little much. So I distracted her by talking about our Girl Scout meeting the next day. We got home had dinner and let the girls play some. She helped me get some girl scout stuff ready, and in the process I showed her something we were doing to learn our promise. We cut out hands and made the promise sign with them. She then caused the hand to give the middle finger and laughed. I told her that she was not supposed to do this again and that next time she will get in trouble. That that was something that grown ups do. My husband was in our daughter room upset with how she was acting when we picked up. He has been upset lately cause he feels she doesn’t love him and just was with us cause she had to. She went to bed with not much problem.

Sunday, the day of our Girl Scout meeting. We woke up and had breakfast. KR (is what we will call my step-daughter) kept asking about when the Girl Scout meeting was. When I told her is was in about 2 hours, she went back to playing in her room. She came out and said, “I cleaned my room without being asked!” She was so excited about this. I went and checked it and she had done a great job. We started to load up our Girl Scout stuff and went to drop my daughter off. We had a great Girl Scout meeting and KR had so much fun. During the middle of the meeting she was asking me for something and, slipped by calling me Mommy. She immediately corrected her self. I didn’t say anything or make a fuss. Just went with the flow. We went above our cookie goal, so now the troop can go on a field trip in May. KR was so upset when the time came to end. She got quite and stuck out her lower lip. We came home and changed her clothes, back into clean clothes that she wore over. Then went and picked up my daughter and saw grandma and grandpa. Her mom then sends us a message asking us to keep her longer. He agreed. WE had a nice dinner and the girls played. We went to take her home, we arrived about 10 mins early, which we do about every time. We sat and sat and sat for about 30 mins waiting for her to get home. My daughter started scream and crying, because she hates just sitting in the car. FINALLY when she gets home my Husband takes her to the drive and her mother just runs into the house without even seeing her. We leave and think that is that until delivering cookies next weekend.

This morning she send my Husband a text about how we didn’t brush her hair all weekend and now it is tangled. He replied that there is a brush in her room and that she could always ask if she needed help. We figured she was old enough to not need to be told or would ask if she needed help. She had informed us the last 2 weekends that her mom hadn’t been putting lotion on her. She has severe eczema. So we sent lotion home with her. He then told her that she needed to put lotion on KR. Her mother stated that the lotion she bought burned. That she was put allergy cream on her. KR’s eczema has been so painful that she wasn’t able to walk some days. She informed us that she doesn’t know/will brush her own hair. We didn’t know this so, we can and will try to help her grow and learn this.

This is still a learning process for us. I guess when our daughter gets this age we will have it figured out. This growing process is hard. We haven’t started a journal yet, it keeps getting being for got to be done. We also worry that it wont go back and forth.


One thought on “First weekend since starting the blog”

  1. Wow, dealing with drama from birth moms can be so hard, especially when their drama rubs off on their kids.
    It sounds like you’re doing a great job with the child so far, and setting a great example.

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